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Casuarina Bay Eleuthera Home Rentals

How to get to Casuarina Bay

Casuarina Bay is 7 miles from Governors Harbour (GHB) airport, central Eleuthera.


A taxi to the house from the airport is approx $30 1-way. The taxi can take you via the town to pick up groceries etc for your stay if you decide not to rent a car. If you do wish to rent a car one can often have it waiting for you at the airport.


You can fly directly to Eleuthera from Nassau, Fort Lauderdale, or Miami.  Nassau is the shortest flight (just 20 minutes to Eleuthera) and has the most flights per day, so if you can get to Nassau easily, that may work best for you.  (The Bahamas government also subsidizes many flights in and out of Nassau, so the fares are often advantageous.) 


 IMPORTANT:  These flights between Nassau and Eleuthera do not appear on websites such as Expedia, so you won’t find them in typical flight searches.  You can book those flights direclty from their website listed below.   Just make sure to get to Nassau no later than 2:30 p.m., and you’ll be in time to catch the last flight out. 


An important tip to breeze through customs in Nassau:  There is a separate line if you are going on to Eleuthera, and there is rarely anyone in that line.  To use that line, follow the signs for “Family Island Intransit” and “Family Island Connections”.  On your return flight, allow 2 ½ hours between arriving in Nassau and your departing flight to the U.S. because you will be clearing U.S. customs in Nassau, rather than upon arrival in the U.S.  


There are 3 ways to get to Governors Harbour from Nassau.


Southern Air. Tel: 242-377 2014

flights leave Nassau approx 7am, noon and 3:30 (20 min flight)


Pineapple Air. Tel: 242 377 0412.

flights leave Nassau approx. 7am, noon and 3:30 (20 min flight)


Bahamasair Leaves Nassau approx 7am and 4pm daily. 


It is also possible to fly into Governors Harbour directly from Fort Lauderdale on Aztec Airways. This is the best option!


North Eleuthera Airport (ELH) is also an option. There are daily direct flights on American Air and Silver Air from Miami to North Eleuthera and it is about a 1 hour drive to Casuarina bay from North Eleuthera. It is possible to have a rental car waiting for you there to save on the taxi fare.


From Canada and Europe it is often easiest to travel via Nassau and avoid travel into the US. 


Please feel free to ask for assistance if you have any trouble finding good flights- we are always happy to help!



Frequently asked Questions

How far from the beach and from each other are the houses?

The houses are only 50 feet from the very private beach- both have their own access paths to the water, private driveways, phone lines, beach cabana, BBQ areas etc. They are visible to one another buy angled away from each other for maximum privacy.

Our 2 houses are the only ones on the 14 acre estate which stretches from one ocean of Eleuthera to the other. No other buildings can be seen in either direction and there are just 2 other houses at the far end of the Casuarina bay beach.


What are the nearby beaches like?

One can walk for miles from the house along stunning and virtually untouched sandy beaches. The water in generally calm and one can swim and snorkel safely from any beach. 


Are there nude beaches on Eleuthera?

While there are no designated nude beaches in the Bahamas you will find that on most beaches on ELeuthera you are likely to be the only ones on the beach so you will have the privacy to be clothing optional.


Do the houses have air conditioning?

The Round house does have bran new air conditioning (installed summer 2012). The Beachfront house has A/C in 2 of the 4 bedrooms and it is aligned to catch the breezes off the ocean and all the rooms have new fans and many windows (most on 3 sides.) 



Do I need to rent a car?

Most guests do choose to rent a car as taxis are not always available. We do have a car we rent with the house (picture of seen here) and our house caretaker also has cars available. Some guests however are content to relax at the house and explore the nearby beaches so choose not to rent a car and just have the taxi take them via town to pick up supplies on the way to Casuarina Bay. I do often recommend that guests rent a car for at least a couple of days to explore a bit further a field. Except during busy holidays cars can be arranged last minute and delivered to the house on request.


How far away in the nearest town?

Governors harbour is about 1.5 miles away. It is one of the oldest settlements in the Bahamas and has many beautiful colonial and typically colorful Bahamian style architecture. We have maps provided in the house. 


What kind of fishing is there around Eluethera?

There is excellent fishing on Eleuthera (bone-fishing, deep-sea, hand line, spear fishing). You can get a local guide to take you out if you wish. 

We have a binder with info in the house when you arrive.


Can you go SCUBA diving?

There are SCUBA operations in Harbour Island (reefs, wrecks etc plus they have certification courses). One can also dive the spectacular wall drop off the southern coast of Eleuthera.


Can I rent snorkel gear there?

If you plan on snorkleling a lot I recommend bringing your gear with you or buying it before you arrive. It can be purchased on Eleuthera but tends to be more expensive and not of such high quality. 


Money matters- Are there ATMs and Are credit card widely accepted?

One can use US or Bahamian dollars anywhere in the Bahamas- they have the same value. There are 2 ATMs in Govenors Harbour .We have a safe in each house to store valuables. Some stores and restaurants accept credit cards but not all so having some cash is important.

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